Project Description

KBM Machinery is the largest of three specialist hospitality machinery repairers in New Zealand. In addition to repairs to all leading brands of mechanical, electrical and refrigeration equipment, KBM has an extensive spare parts supply, and a loan service to ensure customers carry on business while their machinery is under repair. It also offers preventative maintenance and servicing contracts to the likes of rest homes, supermarkets, bakers, insurance companies, restaurants and coffee chains.

Since working with SBF, the owner Kevin says, the benefits have been many, and some quite unexpected. “Having someone who has listened to my ideas and gone ‘Wow, that’s huge’ then encouraged me to go with it, and given me ideas of how to do it has been brilliant.”

“There has been great buy-in. Now the team is on the same planet as I am. They’ve seen what’s in my head and morale has picked up because we have the same goal. We’re having more regular staff meetings and more and more ideas are being brought up, both positive and negative.”

One area that has improved out of sight is the flow of work within the workshop. Kevin had bought the Onekawa building in late 2006 but it was being underutilised. All machinery under repair had congregated into one area, making it hard to work efficiently. Now a workshop plan has been drawn up (again capturing what was in Kevin’s head) with specially developed and built testing stations separating wet (the likes of dishwashers) and dry (such as ovens) machines. “It’s something we are developing all the time. A machine comes in and someone thinks it would be a good idea to put it there, or change this or that.”