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We are performance and growth specialists who change the way businesses think about People, Waste, Value and Productivity

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Lean Thinking is what we do

LEAN is a production philosophy that considers the expenditure of resources in any aspect other than the direct creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination.
Lean thinking and the lean principles can be applied to any sector, industry and even department within your business to add value to your customer by increasing revenues and decreasing costs.


Business improvement tools, hands-on training and coaching to improve business productivity, boost your bottom line and create a smarter, better, faster workforce that delivers measurable results.

How do the leaders in your business perform? Are they actually leading your teams?

Put the leaders in your business through one of our unique leadership courses to teach them the skills to lead from the front. We run National Certificate programmes in Leadership aimed at equipping your team with the skills and development they need to be effective in your business and in their roles.

Are you a manufacturing business? Do your teams know the basic competitive manufacturing tools and techniques? If not a certificate in competitive manufacturing may be a good starting point. Get in touch with us now to see and hear how other businesses have benefited from such programmes.
Lean is not just about Manufacturing, Lean can be applied to all businesses and all of life.

Get us involved to help your teams and leaders think more “LEAN”. By changing the way your team members think we can reduce costs and increase productivity. We run Lean Thinking Programmes which can be customised to your business to really upskill your team and get them thinking Lean.

Lean Manufacturing is a methodology we live by. Does your business focus on delivering value to your customers? Lean, Lean Manufacturing and Lean thinking can be applied to all businesses from manufacturing through to services based businesses. Get us involved in your business today to see how these great tools can save your business and really focus on adding customer value and eliminating waste. We run Lean Manufacturing programmes that can really increase the productivity and profitability of your business.
Are you up to speed with the new H&S legislation that is being passed through Parliament now? If not it puts more of an onus on you, the manager or boss to take positive actions. Are you taking these steps or do you know what your responsibilities are? Get us in to check out your site now.
Where there are systems and processes there are waste. All businesses have waste in various forms but do you know how to measure it and how to eliminate it? Get us in to have a look through your systems and processes and make them run more efficiently now.

Who Are We?

  • Training, Coaching, Mentoring

    We actively connect people and performance to deliver sustainable business growth

  1. To become recognised as a ‘value adding’ Australasian business improvement team.
  2. To grow resilient, people focused, proactive, productive and profitable companies.
  3. To be the custodians of a new ‘Focused Improvement’ revolution.
  • An unwavering Curiosity and Tenacity for finding ‘better ways’ of working.
  • We deliver an Unexpected Customer Experience that yields long lasting relationships and future connections.
  • We keep it Real, Simple and Fun – ‘Everyone on the bus!’
  • We are Result-a-holics! – Ruthless in the pursuit of measured outcomes… in full and on time.
  • We are equipped – Consistently ahead of the game… always Prepared, Planned and Organised.
  • Plan ‘B’ – When the going gets tough… our agility, knowledge, professionalism and dogged determination will always shine through!
  • Approach – Talk, Think and Act with Passion, Excitement and Enthusiasm for the opportunities that lie ahead.
  • An elegant coaching methodology that delivers Real, Simple Results!
  • Exciting people with common sense improvements… delivered in extraordinary ways!
  • Integrated value through our ability to provide effective bolt-on solutions
  • Structured planning, supreme organisation, exemplary communication
  • Creating value to the customer through Standardisation…One single source of truth

Our Clients

We work with clients from many different industries and sectors from Manufacturing, Food, Technology, Engineering, Service and Administration, Local Councils, Forestry and Non Profits.


SBF provides a range of user friendly tips, tools and templates that accelerate the implementation, improvement and the capture of productive results

We are so excited about the Lean opportunity and the improvements in our business. We are in it for the long term and are thrilled to have SBF as our partner, coach and mentor.
Jan Flowers, Mr Apple
I would highly recommend SBF. After the extraordinary training and coaching we are a lot closer to achieving our goals. We have recently signed up for a further 18 months of training and coaching.
Phil Pollett, Good Time Foods